Friday, April 5, 2013

Facebook finds a new HOME : Google Android
April 05,2013 - Facebook is yet at another high with the launch of its "HOME" a mobile application that shall replace the desktop and lock screens of android mobile. This is a strategic step for Facebook which was previously anticipated to develop its own mobile a few months back. With new "HOME" application installed ,users on android phones can actually see live feeds from their friends and family on FB. The new HOME will also collaborate chat with message services adding another user friendly feature in this list. So allinairtoday is "Should google android be worried about FB taking over its territory? " For initials, Yes. Currently google couples mobiles with its search bars and ads that earn google a chunk of its revenue. With facebook taking over this space, fb ads and apps can draw a potential chunk away. The question that now remains is " Will google android continue to maintain its rational approach or will the new era mark a change in android philosophy?

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